The Nature of History

We are now accepting pitches and submissions to our first print journal of 2022/23, “The Nature of History”! You’ll find more information on this edition and how you can submit your work below.


In recent years, our relationship with the natural world has been thrust into the spotlight as we consider the unprecedented threat of climate change and environmental degradation. As we bear witness to changes occurring before our eyes and the mobilisation of individuals working to preserve our planet, “The Nature of History” will explore the world we call home throughout history. From flora and fauna to our interaction with the land and its natural resources, this broad scope allows for wide-ranging interpretations. 

A special green edition, which will be printed on uncoated recycled paper, this issue has nature at its core and we welcome articles on any subject with a historical focus in line with the theme. 


If you would like to submit an article for inclusion in the journal, please send a pitch of no more than 400 words (indicative bibliography optional) by 21st November. You will then receive feedback from our editing team to help you produce your article and allow us to identify any potential issues.

The final deadline for article submissions is 11th December. Pitches and articles should be sent to Due to the size limitations of the printed journal, we may not be able to include all submitted works; however, we will try to publish as many as possible.

Submissions Guide

You’ll find more information on the types of articles we accept and their word counts below:

Academic (1000-1500 words)
Extended articles, formal in tone and suitable for an academic audience.

Feature (800-1000 words)
An in-depth, balanced discussion of any topic of interest with an original, opinionated angle. Journalistic in style, they should be accessible and engaging to a non-HCA audience.

Fiction (500-1000 words)
Short stories, poetry, or other works of fiction which draw from actual events in history, creatively incorporating or elaborating them in a fictional narrative. If you would like to submit a shorter poetic work, do get in touch.

Please note that we do not accept Reviews or Retroshorts for the print journal. If you would like to submit an Interview, please get in touch so we can discuss length and ensure it will remain current beyond the time of printing. Articles should not exceed the word limits above to enable us to print as many submissions as possible.

Final submissions should include a bibliography using Chicago, Harvard, or one of the HCA department-specific styles, but no footnotes or in-text citations unless referencing specific parts of a classical/medieval text i.e. “According to Thucydides (8.44.4)…”.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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