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Gender Nonconforming Lives in Interwar Germany

Written by Connor Wimblett. Throughout the interwar period, transgender people in Germany were able to express their gender identities in new ways. The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin was a key space and leader in queer research and healthcare.

The Corn Idol

Written by Jenn Gosselin. This historical piece looks at the rituals surrounding agriculture in Latin America, examining the practices from the perspective of the Corn Idol.

Swinging Seoul

Written by Jack Bennett. 1960s Seoul, and South Korea as a whole, was a beacon of anti-communism during the Cold War period, but how far can we see the political and social status of Seoul by looking at popular music culture?

Blackbeard: Satan or Saint?

Written by Amy Hendrie. Perhaps the most infamous of pirates, Blackbeard is one figure from the annals of history whose reputation precedes him. However, a closer examination of his life reveals a markedly different man from the murderous pirate of popular imagination.


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