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The Use of Art as a Political Tool in Renaissance Italy

Written by Shea Ferguson. Whilst the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo have become household names as masters of the Italian Renaissance, the powerful patrons behind their private works are lesser known. Shea Ferguson explores how art became embroiled in the political sphere of fifteenth-century Italy, and what this meant for its players.

Mansa Musa: Reorienting Assumptions of African Development in Mali 

Written by Amy Hendrie. According to present value, Mansa Musa, the fourteenth-century leader of the Mali Empire, was the richest man who has ever lived. Despite this, his name is largely missing from the Brittish curriculum. Amy Hendrie explores the life of legacy of the man at the head of West Africa’s largest empire.

Ageing in the Time of Osteology

Written by Etta Coleman. What can studying bone remains tell us about age in historical terms? Etta Coleman discusses the use of Osteology as means for assessing general aging in pre-modern societies, along with its varying challenges, both practical and conceptual.

The Road to Romer

Written by Connall MacLennan. What lead up to the Romer v. Evans Supreme Court Case, fundamental to gay rights in the United States? Connall MacLennan traces it back to the shifting struggle for gay rights in Colorado, many crucial participants of which have been unrecognised.

The Origins of Tattooing: A Brief Overview

Written by Etta Coleman. The art of tattooing has a long and nuanced history, intimately linked with the cultures who permanently inscribed ink into the flesh. Etta Coleman explores the origins of this art form and its global spread.

The Portrayal of Female Desire and Lesbianism in Deepa Mehta’s Fire

Written by Kat Jivkova. Deepa Mehta’s deeply impactive 1996 film, ‘Fire’, is a portrayal of female desire as resistance to Hindu patriarchy. Kat Jivkova asks why, as something deeply embedded in Indian life and a not a mere Western import, this stirred much imagination, and ire, on its release.


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