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Classics in Conversation

Pt. 3 of “Classics in Conversation” discusses the appropriation of ancient symbols by far-right groups and asks whether the media continutes to perpetrate problematic stereotypes.

The Impacts of Li Shizhen’s Bencao gangmu

Written by Kat Jivkova. The history of the natural world and study of the natural world has much to owe Li Shizhen’s Bencao gagmu, a sixteenth century text created from years of research and exploration, and often referred to as a “dictionary of Chinese knowledge”.

Classics in Conversation

Pt. 2 of “Classics in Conversation” explores the extent to which young adult fiction can play a role in making the discpline more accessible, and whether it really is just the study of “dead white men”.

The Song of Achilles, 10 Years On

Written by Justin Biggi. The Song of Achilles has been praised for it’s treatment of the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, one which has historically been controversial for academics. But does Miller’s retelling stand the test of time?


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