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Revealing Royal Jewellery: The Chequers Ring

Once belonging to Queen Elizabeth I, the Chequers Ring has prompted intrigue – not least concerning the identity of the woman whose portrait sits alongside the monarch. Naomi Wallace discusses the theories surrounding this captivating piece.

The Photoplayer: An Everything Instrument

Produced during the height of the silent film era, the photoplayer allowed accompanying music to be played automatically through its piano and percussion instruments. Sam Marks discusses the history and engineering of this cinematic orchestrion.

What Caused the Collapse of the Legendary Bronze Age?

The collapse of Bronze Age societies during the twelfth century BC has prompted a number of theories regarding the cause. Fleur O’Reilly examines some of the prevailing arguments and potential motivating factors behind this widespread cultural deterioration.

Justinianic Wars: A Study

The reconquests of Justinian I during the sixth century saw a large number of territories reunified under Roman rule. However, with insufficient resources to cover multiple fronts, Dido Papikinou discusses how his imperial victories ultimately threatened the stability of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Phineas Gage: Mind’s the Gap

In 1848, an iron tamping rod was impaled through the head of railroad foreman Phineas Gage. His survival and recovery would render him a curiosity across the medical sciences. Sam Marks explores the mystery, and misrepresentation, surrounding the case.

Namban Folding Screens

Produced during the Momoyama and Edo periods, the “namban” screens testify to the trade relationship and cultural exchange between Japan and Portugal. Chloe Bramwell explores the imagery and provenance of these richly decorated objects.

Did Women Have Real Power in the Achaemenid Court? 

In an effort to better understand the socio-political role of women in the Achaemenid empire, Eleonora Soteriou examines the various ways in which high-ranking women were able to exercise power–including holding property, hosting important social gatherings, and acting as diplomatic envoys.


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