Submissions Guide

All submissions must be sent to

Academic Articles

  1. Academic Essays (1000-1500 words)
    Extended articles, formal in tone and suitable for an academic audience.
  2. Academic essays from partner journals or international students/academics, (1500-2000 words) formal in tone.

All academic pieces should be submitted without footnotes but with a full bibliography.


  1. History, Classics and Archaeology Today (700 – 1000 words)
    Shorter articles reflecting contemporary issues or debates in the HCA field. Links to breaking world or UK news will improve relevance.
  2. Features (800-1000 words)
    An in-depth, balanced discussion of any topic of interest with an original, opinionated angle. Journalistic in style and should be accessible and engaging to a non-HCA audience.
  3. Travel (700 words)
    Articles exploring HCA through travel. Articles can range from a recent holiday destination, a visit to an historical Edinburgh site, or even articles about studying abroad!

All features pieces must be nuanced. 


  1. Arts & Theatre (400 – 600 words)
    Reviews of stage productions or art exhibitions with a HCA relevance. Edinburgh is home to a variety of venues and suggested events to cover will be recommended by the editor. Expenses cannot be covered but writers will be notified of free events.
  2. Screen & Print (400-600 words)
    Current film, television (and radio) and book reviews with a HCA relevance. Recommendations are also available from the editor. Expenses cannot be covered.
  3. Netflix & Amazon Prime (400-600 words) – Reviews of any binge-worthy shows related or inspired in some way by historical events. Give it your best star rating!

Reviews should remain current on the date of publication which will often fall several weeks after submission. Reviews with a more immediate relevance will be uploaded online and may not be included in print.

Historical Fiction

  • Fiction (500 – 1000 words)
    New to Retrospect, historical fiction pieces should draw from actual events in history, creatively incorporating or elaborating them in a fictional narrative.

References to past events should be tasteful and not cause offence to the reader.

Edinburgh Voices

  • Edinburgh Voices – Personal pieces in the style of a newspaper/magazine column. Articles can feature anything from undergraduate student advice, a review of an interesting lecture, an interview with a member of staff or an academic, or a piece about what life is like as an Edinburgh student.

NOTE: Please include your name in the document you send to us.

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