Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editors:

Anna Nicol, Editor-in-Chief (President)

Studies: Contemporary History, MSc.

Anna has just started her masters in Contemporary History, having been a copy editor for Retrospect during the final year of her undergraduate degree. She specialises in contemporary Latin American history and enjoys focusing on the relevance of historical events in the present. Frequently with a cup of tea in hand, she always loves a good chat about anything historical.


Martha Stutchbury, Deputy Editor (Secretary)

Studies: History and Politics, 2nd Year.

Martha is a second year History and Politics student, and is very happy to be continuing as secretary after joining Retrospect as a columnist last year. She is particularly interested in the study of twentieth century communist states, including the Soviet Union and Maoist China, but is excited to explore writing that reflects the committee’s wide variety of interests this year!


Max Leslie, Deputy Editor (Treasurer)

Studies: Economics, 4th Year.

Max began at The University of Edinburgh in 2014, studying Economics and Economic History. Unforeseen circumstances led Max to withdraw from the Economic History portion of his Joint Honours Degree, however that did not diminish his enjoyment for the subject. Max has been involved with the Retrospect Journal throughout the majority of his studies, contributing to the journal as a writer, copy editor, and podcast host. Now treasurer, Max wishes to continue the welcoming and enjoyable environment within the society, whilst helping to lead the journal to even greater success in his final year as an undergraduate.


Social Secretary and Fundraising Officer

Toby Gay

Studies: Linguistics and Spanish, 2nd Year.

Toby is a second year Linguistics and Spanish student who wrote as a columnist for Retrospect last year. His interests include the history of his hometown, Berlin, and the history of colonialism in South America. When he isn’t recovering from shoulder surgery, he plays for the History Society Rugby team and irregularly performs for the Comedy Revue. He can usually be found in the library sweating over the Spanish imperfect subjunctive while listening to Scottish football chants.


Copy Editors

Rosie Byrne

Studies: History, 3rd Year.

Rosie is a third year history student specialising in gender history, predominantly from the early 19th Century onwards. She is also interested in media and journalism, and how this has impacted historical periods. She’s involved with quite a few HCA-related activities like HC Peer Support and History Girls Netball Club, so she’s always around for a chat!

Anna Cooper 

Studies: Scottish Literature and History, 4th Year.

Anna’s eagerness to become involved with copy editing at Retrospect stems primarily from her fascination with the publishing industry. As her choice of degree might give away, she is super interested in the production and use of literature in its process from authorship to publication and reception. In line with these interests she tries to immerse herself in Edinburgh’s book scene where possible, through attending events including open mic nights at bookshops (Golden Hare Books being a particular favourite!) and following the events of the Society of Young Publishers. She likes to read pretty much anything and everything, but she’d say historical fiction is her ideal genre because it appeals to both her literary and historical nerdiness.

Jamie Gemmell

Studies: History, 4th Year. 

Jamie’s specific historical interests are Atlantic Slavery, and European Colonialism across different geographical contexts. He is particularly interested in issues of identity – how it forms and what role it plays. He has previously worked on projects researching the concept of ethnicity among enslaved people in eighteenth century Jamaica. Jamie is a member of the HC Peer Support team and looks forward to reading great pieces of historical analysis through his role as Copy Editor.

Alice Goodwin

Studies: History, 2nd Year.

Alice is a second year History student with a particular interest in the medieval period and more specifically medieval religion among the lower classes. She is from Kent, meaning that she has spent a significant amount of time visiting old castles, favourites of which are Dover and Rochester as they are the oldest and the largest! Alice is excited to be a part of the committee this year, and she looks forward to reading and working on articles for publication.

Tessa Rodrigues

Studies: English Literature and Classics, 3rd Year.

Tessa is a third year English Literature and Classics student, hailing from the island of Singapore. Through her joint degree, she enjoys examining the influences of historical tipping points and exchanges on the culture, art and ways of life around the world. This is especially in relation to the classical worlds of Greece and Rome, but also to the contemporary history of South East Asia. If not in Teviot drinking her fourth cup of coffee, Tessa can be found reading American Gods for the umpteenth time or one Neil Gaiman’s other books.

Caroline Swartz

Studies: Ancient History, 2nd Year. 

Caroline is a second year Ancient History student with an interest in Middle Eastern history, especially how the Islamic world has been transformed over time. She enjoys looking at how our perception of world history can be changed when looking at it with a different cultural perspective. She is also interested in Asian history and is broadening her horizons through taking an East Asian history course this year. She is excited to be a part of Retrospect this year and is looking forward to working on articles that will be a part of the magazine.



Joshua Al-Najar

Studies: History and Classics, 4th year. 

Joshua is a fourth year History and Classics student from rural Perthshire in central Scotland. Through the flexibility of a joint honours, he has fostered interests across the historical timeline – though typically ends up focusing on art and visual culture, whatever the era! Joshua has often been drawn to ancient notions of art and humanism, and their reception during the Italian renaissance; especially as they present the opportunity for exciting trips abroad!

Jack Bennett

Studies: History, 2nd Year. 

Jack’s historical curiosity and research explorations encompass a broad range of time periods and geographies. From the United States, in particular foreign policy, civil rights and popular music history, to the Crusades and medieval European and Islamic societies during the long-12th century. It also includes 20th century European and Asian political, economic and social history and a great appreciation of how moments in time shape whole countries, continents and cultures. Beyond the study of history Jack enjoys immersing himself in the worlds of cinema and literature, appreciating contemporary cultural influences and representations. Hopefully these creative interests will provide inspiration for historical writing in the future!

Justin Biggi

Studies: Classics, MScR.

Justin is a masters by research student in Classics, focusing on Ancient Greek. His main interests lie in the intersection of language, identity and citizenship in Classical Athens, but he is also interested in reception studies and particularly the ways in which Classics have inspired the horror genre. He has previously written for the Society for Classical Studies blog, and is immensely excited to be joining the Retrospect team this year as a columnist. When he isn’t holed up in the HCA Research Room, he enjoys dabbling in constructed languages, transformative works and video games.

Tristan Craig

Studies: Ancient and Medieval History, 1st Year.

Tristan is predominantly interested in pre-Renaissance history – in particular, the study of art, artefacts and literature of this remarkably expansive period. In doing so, he hopes to put forth challenges to common misconceptions surrounding the Middle Ages, as well as exploring the wonders of antiquity. As a (very) keen video gamer, Tristan also greatly enjoys examining the way in which history is portrayed and fictionalised in contemporary entertainment.

Laila Ghaffar

Studies: Persian and Middle Eastern Studies, 2nd Year.

Laila is a second year Persian and Middle Eastern studies student. When she is not learning the Persian language she spends her time exploring Persian art, films, history and literature. She also co-runs a feminist website. This year she hopes to contribute articles on aspects of (you guessed it) Persian history.

Kvitka Perehinets

Prim Phoolsombat

Studies: Linguistics, 3rd Year.

Prim is an exchange student for the fall semester from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She studies linguistics and is passionate about story-telling and using narrative to highlight underrepresented perspectives. In her free time, she loves singing and finding new picnic spots.

Isabelle Sher

Studies: History and English Literature, 2nd Year.

Born in Lancashire, Isabelle studied at the Purcell School for Young Musicians before gaining a diploma in Classical Performance at the Guildhall School London. When not studying, she visits historic houses and writes novels.

Nuzhat Torsa

Lewis Twiby

Studies: Contemporary History, MSc.

Lewis has just started their Contemporary History masters, and is eager to start their third year at Retrospect – previously they had worked as a copy editor and deputy editor. They are especially interested in a subaltern history of Latin America and Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; they also have a side interest in Japanese and international Marxist/anarchist history in that same period. When not working for Retrospect Lewis can be found writing their weekly blog, or co-organising a solidarity movement with West Papua.



Hannah Purdom

Studies: History of Art, 2nd Year.

Hannah is a second year History of Art student, whose favourite period has to be Weimar Germany’s avant-garde in the 1920s and she dreams of going to visit the actual Bauhaus school. Though she doesn’t study fine art, she does a lot in her spare time and is taking electives in drawing and photography. She also loves running, particularly around Arthur’s seat which she does most mornings! She is very excited to be a new member of the Retrospect team!

Natasha Bucheit


Podcast Editor

Alfie Garland

Studies: Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations, 3rd Year.

Alfie is a 3rd year Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations student, and spends his time trying to understand the ancient world and sports with about as much success in each.