Fay Marsden, Editor-in-Chief (President)

Studies: History, 4th year


Daniel Sharp, Deputy Editor (Secretary)

Studies: English Literature and History, 3rd Year


Daniel is an avid enthusiast of fiction and history, which is good as he happens to be Deputy Editor of Retrospect Journal! He spends his time juggling (time, not balls) and in spare moments enjoys the odd drink or two whilst awkwardly dancing and trying to mouth the words to songs he doesn’t know.



Lauren-Lee Porter, Deputy Editor and Senior Radio Editor (Treasurer)

Studies: Ancient History, 3rd year

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As a mature student, Lauren joined the University of Edinburgh at the grand old age of twenty six. Due to her thirst for knowledge she took the route of studying an Ancient History degree. Always having listened to audio-books and radio since a mere babe, her learning of the past has been coloured with many podcasts. From this a need to create her own was born. Lauren’s first year of university consisted of creating a brand new radio show, ‘History and Chill’. She also worked alongside Retrospect Journal to create history themed podcasts. This year has taken her into being head of the Radio and Podcast Team, and she now endeavors to spread her word and others’ on the net. What a woman!

Grace Young, Fundraising Officer

Studies: Scottish History, Postgraduate

Grace came to Edinburgh after graduating with a BA in History (along with an English and Journalism double minor) from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and after many, many years of dreaming about moving to Scotland.  When she’s not running around doing fundraising stuff for the journal, Grace enjoys writing and reading about the British intelligence community in World War II, as well as singing, cooking, watching historical and/or procedural dramas on Netflix, and obsessing over her Border Collies.  She is also an avid (and self-proclaimed) nerd, especially when it comes to WWII, foxes, anime, and anything Marvel.

Eleanor Hemming, Copy Editor

Studies: History and Russian, 4th year

Eleanor is a fourth year History and Russian student, and is new to the Retrospect committee having contributed to the journal from far-away Russia last year. Whilst away, Eleanor became particularly interested in the post-Soviet period and the legacy that the 20th century has left on Russian and Central Asian society. Previously, she has also enjoyed studying post-colonial South and East Africa, as well as American history, but has recently been turning her interests closer to home in order to delve into post-war Europe. Eleanor enjoys exploring history from the perspective of the ‘little man’, and seeing how history is reflected in popular culture.

Fay Marsden, Copy Editor

Studies: History, 3rd year

Fay is a third year History student, who generally studies Medieval and Early Modern European history. Her particular interests include gender and religious history, and how religion and gender interact with each other.  She has written for Retrospect before, and is excited to continue writing on a more regular basis, with a focus on more recent cultural movements as well as in the medieval and early modern periods.

Candice Maharaj, Copy Editor

Studies: Law, 3rd year

Candice is a third year Law student and a brand new member of Retrospect. She has a passion for history that began in primary school but was unfortunately neglected for the past two years, due to the demands of her law degree. However, she made up her mind to never allow such a tragedy to happen again and after writing for the journal earlier this year and loving it, she is excited to be a part of the team. She is currently focused on Asian, Latin American and Caribbean history.

Lewis Twiby, Copy Editor

Studies: History, 3rd year

Lewis is a new member of Retrospect and is currently in his third year studying History. He has had several historical fiction stories published for Retrospect, and when he’s not researching for his next story he is researching for his weekly blog on history and comic books. His particular field of interest is post-war politics and society in Africa and Latin America. Next year he is hoping to do his dissertation on the social policies of Tanzania’s first post-independent president Julius Nyerere, an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. In the meantime he is eager to contribute more to Retrospect.

Carissa Chew, Columnist

Studies: English Literature and History, 3rd year

Carissa is an aspiring historian whose interests centre around the colonial and post-colonial era, with particular focus on the recovery of the histories of the non-white, non-male and non-elite. Carissa enjoys discussing the complexities behind popular versions of history, which are often grossly oversimplified, and hopes to challenge the Westerncentric narrative of ‘world’ history.

Daniel Sharp, Columnist

Studies: English Literature and History, 2nd year

Daniel is a second year English Literature and History student who precariously balances his love of books and history with his equally passionate love of dancing and karaoke. He has a particular interest in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic period of European history.

Eleanor Parker, Columnist

Studies: History, 3rd Year

Ellie is a third year History student, tea-drinking enthusiast and prolific creative, who has run away for a cheeky year abroad at the University of Oslo in Norway. This is her second year on the Retrospect committee following a stint as Web Editor last year- she enjoyed it so much, that she couldn’t bear the thought of missing a year whilst in Norway. As a new columnist, she is eager to evolve and grow the International side to the journal by gathering more submissions from and about the countries Edinburgh’s students travel to.  A keen traveller herself, she feels it is important to be aware of the history in your closest vicinity and is looking forward to producing articles on her newfound home in Scandinavia. Look out for a generous helping of fjords, cinnamon buns and hygge!

Bella Howard-Vyse, Columnist

Studies: Classics and Philosophy, First year

Bella has just started at Edinburgh University and studies Classics and Philosophy. She grew up with a fascination for Greek Mythology and English Literature, and has a particular interest in the ways in which the Classical World has influenced the Modern World and the connections between the Ancient languages and the English language. She grew up in Scotland and England after being born in South Africa and has wanted to be a writer her whole life. She loves to travel and revels in the wider perspective it gives her. Bella can’t wait to see where University takes her and is honoured to be writing for Retrospect, with the hope that it will improve her writing and challenge her to research and write about more enchanting aspects of History, Classics and Archaeology.

Alfie Garland, Radio Editor

Studies: Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations, 1st Year

Alfie joined Retrospect at the start of his first year, a bright-eyed and naïve fresher, full of hope. It was only after successfully making it onto the radio team that he realised he maybe in a bit over his head. Born in the heart of the West Midlands, Alfie’s interest in the ancient past is often seen as a little less important than those who want to build a car, and as such, made the trip up north, adding Edinburgh to his list of places he’s visited, and will talk about at the earliest opportunity.