Jamie Gemmell, Editor in Chief
Masters by Research, History

Jamie is a Masters by Research student currently working on a project exploring conceptions of human difference, particularly ethnicity and race, in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World. More broadly, his research is focused on the history of Atlantic Slavery. Outside of his studies, Jamie enjoys getting out and exploring Scotland.

Tristan CraigDeputy Editor (Secretary)
2nd Year MA (Hons) Ancient & Medieval History

Much like the scope of his degree, Tristan’s research interests are broad. He’s predominantly interested in material culture, and the mapping of people and trade through the spread of objects. His focus is largely on the representation of the human form in antiquity and on medieval manuscript production. Beyond his studies, Tristan works for a heritage trust where he enjoys rummaging through the archives and collections of local history.

Alice Goodwin, Deputy Editor (Treasurer)
3rd Year MA (Hons) History

Alice is a third-year history student with a particular interest in medieval religious history. Especially focused on the gendered history of religion, she has come to find that the history of masculinity and religion is an area which needs more exploration. Alice also finds much in common with Gothic architects in her appreciation of stained-glass windows, pointed arches, and a nice old church to explore. In her spare time, she enjoys finding new places around Edinburgh which hearken back to the medieval period.


Mhairi Ferrier
4th Year MA (Hons) History

Mhairi is a fourth-year history student whose main interests lie in the modern and contemporary realms of history. Mhairi has a particular fascination in the social and cultural history of Scotland and Ireland. Currently, Mhairi is engaged in research focused on the Highlands and Islands region of Scotland. Aside from these geographical boundaries there are other episodes and themes within history which interest her, including but not limited to, Transport; Motorsport; and events in Germany; and the USA respectively. In her spare time, Mhairi volunteers as a Room Guide for the National Trust for Scotland at the Georgian House, Edinburgh.

Kvitka Perehinets
2nd Year MA (Hons) History and Politics

Kvitka is a second-year history and politics student whose main interests lie in the investigation and analysis of collective memory as means of recording history, with a special focus on such in Eastern Europe and the Levant. As such, she is particularly fascinated with the impact of large-scale history-altering events, such as the 1948 Nakba in Palestine or the 1933 Holodomor in Ukraine, on the groups they have affected and targeted, and the ways in which that impact has transcended into our understanding of contemporary history and politics. In her spare time, Kvitka volunteers as a mentor in a project helping children impacted by the war in eastern Ukraine, and as a Programme Representative at Edinburgh’s School of History, Classics, and Archaeology.

Jack Bennett, Columnist
3rd Year MA (Hons) History

As a student of history, Jack has engaged with subjects as varied as, popular music in 20th century America, to modern Japan and Korea as well as global cinematic histories. His current research focuses include: the interrelationship between indigenous peoples, cartels, and government in modern Mexico; representations of the American south in rock ‘n’ roll; and debates regarding the dissolution of the Black Panther Party in the 1970s. Alongside academia, Jack collaborates on an online political journalism project as well as producing editorials for a creative industry magazine.

Kat Jivkova 
1st Year MA (Hons) History  

Kat is a first-year history student with an interest in the history of physics and mathematics. She is focused particularly on the development of quantum theory, which can be dated back to late antiquity, and enjoys observing the significance of mathematics as a tool for its progression. Due to the broadness of the topic, her research has remained very thematic, ranging from specific time periods such as Babylonian mathematics, to individuals who have helped shape scientific thought today. In her free time, Kat loves to sightsee around Edinburgh and go on late night walks to the castle with her friend Amy. 

Melissa Kane 
2nd Year MA (Hons) History  

Melissa is a second-year history student with a particular research interest in Early Modern Europe with a focus on religious change and its integrations with popular culture, folklore and mythology. She is primarily interested in the social and cultural developments during this period. Outside of her studies, Melissa volunteers at Kiplin Hall as a room steward, as well as scouring coffee shops and adding to her TBR list (Twitter @melissaaalyson) 

Jenn Gosselin 
1st Year Online MSc in History 

Jenn embarks this term on her first year of the online MSc in History. By day, she enlightens the minds of teenagers as a History teacher, and by night, she crafts stories that oft times involve historical elements. Her research interests are many. As far as eras, she loves Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, early Colonial America, and World War II. Themes that interest her include women’s studies, witchcraft/witch hunts, mythology, folklore, religions, and medicine. She currently resides in Virginia in the United States with her dog, Juno and cat, Minerva. When she has free time, she reads voraciously, writes fiction, obsesses over Captain America, and breaks out of escape rooms with her best friend. (Twitter: @JGoose753; Instagram: @JGoose13) 

Simone Witney
MSc Taught in Classics

Simone has had a career in design and in arts journalism. Now she has returned to her first love: the beautiful ancient Greek language with its limitless eccentricity. She has a deep affection for Homer and enjoys meandering through Greek vase painting, the lives of artists, the influence of sea-life on Greek myth, depth psychology, painting/imagery as thinking. She is working on a book of essays which make Greek ideas accessible without dumming down – an alternative introduction to the culture for the curious. She is interested in working in a cross disciplinary way with anyone who wants to respond to her articles. 

Justin Biggi, Columnist 
MScR in Classics

Justin is on his second year of a part-time MScR degree in Classics. His main interest lies in the intersection of space, language and identity in 5th cent. BC Athens, though his intellectual meanderings have often brought him to explore issues of Classical reception and overlap, especially in the horror genre. In his spare time, he enjoys historically-themed video games, reading anything he can get his hands on, and volunteering at Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts.  

Nikita Nandanwad 
MA (Hons) Ancient and Medieval History 

Nikita is a 3rd year student with research interests in Byzantium and the Middle Ages, primarily the social, cultural and literary developments of both periods. In addition to these already-broad fields of study, she has developed an affinity for intellectual history (or the ‘history of thought’) this year and enjoys exploring the influence of Greek thinkers on later periods. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the Edinburgh countryside, playing the piano and solving all kinds of Rubik’s cubes. 

Hazel Atkinson
MScT History 

Hazel is History and Classics graduate from the University of Edinburgh and a current MScT History student. Her academic interests vary, but she is particularly focused on the History of Gender and Sexuality, with a longstanding love for Roman History and Ancient Myth. Beyond academia she is a passionate writer of fiction; she was recently shortlisted for the Bridge Awards Emerging Writer Award and is currently represented by Jenny Saville of Andrew Nurnberg Associates literary agency, with whom she is working on her first book. You can usually find her procrastinating from any work, browsing Edinburgh’s bookshops and listening to history podcasts (it’s research! honest!). Twitter: @hazel_el_rose 

Jess Womack
MscT History 

Jess is a History and Politics Graduate from the University of Cambridge, currently studying for her history masters in Edinburgh. She is an Americanist with a particular interest in Social History and National Identity, and also enjoys writing about Queer history in unexpected places. Before Retrospect, Jess mainly wrote for satirical papers, so she’s excited at the chance for a more serious approach! When not drowning in coursework, Jess spends her time walking, climbing, and listening to too many horror podcasts. 


Rebeka Luzaityte
MSc Film Studies

Rebeka is a Media & Communications graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University, currently getting her master’s in film studies. In terms of writing, her work focuses on film and music criticism, while her research interests lie with feminist and class theory. Rebeka is also passionate about women and queer history and is aiming to explore this further in her academic career. When she’s not studying, you can find her re-watching Nora Ephron movies and caring for her 20+ plants.

Daisy Collins
MScR History

Daisy is a History graduate from the University of Edinburgh and a current Master’s by Research student. She is especially interested in the fusion of culture and politics in contemporary American history. Considering this, Daisy’s research so far has focused on the countercultural and student movements of the 1960s. When she isn’t researching, writing her thesis or listening to Bob Dylan, she is collaborating with the Community Outreach team at the Centre for Research Collections. With a desire to share and engage, Daisy produces articles to showcase objects from the University’s cultural and heritage collections.

Ebba Andersson
MSc History

Ebba is currently pursuing a Master’s degree here in Edinburgh after completing her undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen. Her main research interests mainly focuses on WW2 war crimes, the Holocaust, and the relationship between newspapers and collective memory. However, Ebba also has an interest in public history, ancient American civilisations, and medieval animal trials. When she’s not in the library trying to write essays, you’ll most likely find her in the pub, a museum, or browsing second hand bookshops.

Alex MacPhail  
2nd Year MA (Hons) History 

Alex is a second-year history student whose interests mainly lie within the realm of Scottish arts and history.  This can range from the arts and culture of a post-war Edinburgh, to iron-age depictions hidden away in cairns in Caithness. He is currently taking a look at the presentation of art, and how history is conveyed in galleries and museums.  In his spare time, Alex enjoys hillwalking and rummaging around Edinburgh’s bookstores.  

Martha Stutchbury
3rd Year MA (Hons) History and Politics 

Martha is a third year History & Politics undergraduate, with particular interest in Twentieth Century Communist states, and a burgeoning interest in the history of Buddhism and the dispersion of Eastern religious practices to the West. When not engaging with these topics, you can find her assisting with research for a Wellcome Foundation project on manic and phobic behaviours, or listening to audiobooks whilst walking up Blackford Hill. 


Fraser Barnes 
1st Year MA (Hons) International Relations 

Fraser is a first year International Relations student whose interest for his degree stems from his love of 20th Century geopolitics as well as the study of grand strategy in modern world history. Understandably a broad topic of study, he is specifically interested in Napoleonic-era conflict and diplomacy and how developments at the turn of the 19th Century went on to shape the future balance of power in Europe and beyond. When not studying, Fraser can usually be found playing hockey or re-reading Patrick O’Brian books for the hundredth time. 

Amy Hendrie 
1st Year MA (Hons) History 

Amy is a first-year History student with a keen interest in medieval History, specifically regarding the misconceptions which orbit the topic, for example, in relation to medieval medical beliefs and practices. In addition, contemporary and current attitudes towards the Mongols and their empire fascinate Amy. She also enjoys exploring and deconstructing the themes of injustice and prejudice throughout History, especially British and American colonialism. In her spare time, Amy frequents Edinburgh’s cute cafes and bookshops with her friend Kat. 

Alex Smith 
1st Year MA (Hons) Ancient and Medieval History 

Alex is a first year ancient and medieval history student whose main interests lie in ancient and military history. He is particularly fascinated in the late Roman Republic and the Roman army, as well as the Plantagenet dynasty in England. He is also interested in Christian history. Alex has written an EPQ answering the question “Did the fortress system based around the Second Cataract and the Semna Cataract fulfil its purpose of protecting Egypt and the gold trade route?” When not studying Alex can be found with the CU and Debate societies.  

Finlay Cormack  
1st Year MA (Hons) History and Archaeology  

Finlay is a first year History and Archaeology student, whose interests mainly focuses on the ancient world such as Roman/Greek politics and mythology. This is not exclusive however, as his interests are very broad, from Antiquity all the way through to the complexities of the cold war and how this is still shaping the lens from which we view the world today. He is looking forward to researching obscure areas of History to expand his overall knowledge and interests. In his free time Finlay enjoys political satire, the great outdoors and spending time with his two dogs Poppy and Daisy. 

Sophie Comninos 
2nd Year MA (Hons) History 

Sophie is a second year History student who is most interested in modern social, cultural and lignuistic history. Though her interests are very broad, she is specifically fascinated by global race relations in history and the legacy of British colonialism. You can usually find her looking at puppies on Instagram, watching true crime documentaries or exploring new places to eat in Edinburgh.