Retrospect: [REDACTED]

We are now accepting articles for our second print journal of 2022/23: “[REDACTED]“!

This edition will explore the themes of censorship, the suppression of information, and subversive reactions to this. You’ll find the full brief and further details on how to submit your work below.


In an age where we can access an extraordinary wealth of knowledge at the click of a button, this access can also be impaired by state-control and the suppression of information. However, the issue of censorship is not unique to the Digital Age. We invite you to examine the silencing and censoring of voices throughout history, and how individuals and communities have been impacted by – and reacted to – this.

You might want to discuss the way in which those in power have imposed restrictions on expression or have withheld information from the public. Alternatively, you could take a history from below approach which looks at how those who have been silenced have challenged their oppression, either through open protest or covert means.

We welcome any interpretation of these themes, so be as creative as you like!


PITCH DEADLINE: 3rd April 2023

Please send your pitches and submissions to:

We accept submissions in the form of academic articles, features, interviews and historical fiction. More information on each of these formats is available in the Submissions Guide.

Submission of a pitch is optional but will allow you to receive some feedback from our Copy Editors to help inform your final article. These should be no more than 300 words and provide an outline of what you intend to discuss, but you’re free to write it however you like.

The maximum word count for final articles is 1500 words to enable us to include as many articles as possible. Please be aware that there is a limit on the number of articles we’re able to include; however, we will aim to publish as many as we can. We will make contributors aware if we exceed capacity and look to publishing additional articles on our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email!

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