Classics in Conversation

In collaboration with the Classical Association of Scotland, we are looking for contributors for our new series, “Classics in Conversation”. Across several articles, we’ll be exploring pertinent issues in the discipline today, from how it can be made relevant in a modern classroom to the ways in which the ancient world is depicted in popular culture. We’re particularly keen to hear from a range of voices and welcome contributions from current or recent graduate students.

Unlike our regular submissions, we’re not looking for lengthy articles in answer to each of the questions; instead, we expect approx. 200 words per question in order to consolidate each of the responses into one article. If you’re passionate about ancient history and you’d like the chance to work on your writing with HCA’s student-led journal, we’d love to hear from you!

Take a look at our submission schedule below and if you’d like to contribute to any or all of the following articles, please get in touch with Tristan at

Submission Two | due Friday 26 March

  • How can we make Classics more accessible to a wider audience; is young adult fiction the answer or a problem?
  • Is Classics really just the study of “dead white men”? How can we reframe this narrative?

Submission Three | due Friday 9 April

  • Do Classicists have a duty to censure the appropriation of ancient symbols by white supremacists and how might we educate the general public on their origins? 
  • Are we guilty of over-romanticising the brutality of the ancient world in popular culture? Does the media do more harm than good in how it fictionalises the ancient world?

Submission Four | due Friday 23 April

  • Should we repatriate ancient artefacts to their country of origin? Do millennia old objects, many of which were produced or acquired through conquest, belong to anyone?
  • Is the trade in ancient artefacts, legal or otherwise, an issue? Should private collectors be allowed to procure items, or should the cultural significance of finds determine whether the heritage sector claims ownership?

Submission Five | due Friday 7 May

  • Does the discipline need greater globalisation, and should it do more to centre the Middle East and North Africa? Should we de-centre Greece and Rome entirely?
  • “What do you do with a BA in Classics?” What do you think the future holds for prospective Classics students, and why is the discipline worth saving?