Undergraduate History Conference

Retrospect Journal is delighted to announce their collaboration with Edinburgh University’s History Society for a series of academic conferences taking place in 2023.

This series is a superb opportunity for all students, regardless of their academic interests, to challenge themselves as aspiring historians and showcase their research. We invite you to consider theoretical applications of the presented themes in the field of academic history or specific case studies.


31st January 2023 | 4 – 6pm | Gaddum Lecture Theatre

History of Celebration

We will commence series of seminars with a celebration of history. As historians, we are central to remembering, commemorating and bringing history back to life. What is our role in this process? What does it mean to celebrate history?

The first seminar take place on Tuesday 31st January at 4pm in the Gaddum Lecture Theatre (G.8), 1 George Square (Neuroscience building). Accessibility information for this venue is available via AccessAble.


13th February 2023 | 4.15 – 6.30pm | Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 5

Frontiers of History

Our second seminar aims to challenge the perceptions on levels of historical analysis and interpretation. Not only do we wish to consider the frontiers of history, but also bring to your attention the differences between methodologies.

What does it mean to write history in the centre? What does it mean to write history from below? How does the centre relate to the peripheries? What is the role of historians in the centre-periphery binary? What constitutes the historical ‘otherness’?

The second seminar in our series will take place on Monday 13th February at 4.15pm in Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 5. Accessibility information for this venue is available via AccessAble.

WEEK 7 (13 – 19 March 2023)

Histories of and for the Future

The last seminar invites you to expand your understanding of history as a tool for the future. History is believed by many to be the tale of the past; is it sensible to see it that way?

What are the possible uses of history in the future? Why history still matters? We also wish to pay tribute to the histories of the future and the visionaries that dreamt about a better tomorrow.

What were their stories? What were the visions of the future? What is the place of history in the future?

Register Your Interest

To register your interest in participating, please complete the form by following the link below:

To submit your work or if you have any questions, please send an email to edinburghunihistorysociety@gmail.com. In the meantime, be sure to follow the History Society on social media for further updates (you’ll find links to our own social media channels in the header):

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