Submit to our Print Journal!

The theme for this semester’s print journal is “Prejudice and Pandemics.” You’re welcome to take this in any direction you like and this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get your work in print! We would particularly encourage you to think of ways you can bring these two concepts together.

There are TWO deadlines. Pitches (a 200-300 word outline of your piece) need to be with us by Monday November 9th and the final pieces needs to be submitted on Monday November 23rd. You do not need to have sent us a pitch in order to send us a final piece, but will allow you to receive some feeedback from our Senior Editorial team.

We welcome a range of submissions, from academic articles to event reviews – if you can relate it to our central theme, we’d love to hear your ideas. Take a look at our Submissions Guide for more information and send your work to

Also, if you’d like to see examples of our previous printed journals, be sure to check out our Journal Archive!