AGM 2023

Retrospect Journal are hosting their 2023 AGM on 31st March at 6pm via zoom!

This is your opportunity to be a part of the team responsible for producing our student-led history, classics and archaeology journal. If you have a passion for publishing and want to be involved in shaping the future of the society, make sure you apply!

In order to ensure that the society can continue to grow, we’ve decided to expand our core team which means that we’re looking to elect additional non-executive committee positions. If you’d like to run for any of these roles, please send an email to by the 30th March stating the position(s) you’re applying for. You’ll then be invited to give a short 2-3 minute speech at our online AGM, after which we’ll conduct the vote.

You’ll find more details on the AGM and who is eligible to stand at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.




The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overseeing the running of the society, and Retrospect’s online and print publication. Organisation is key in this role as you’ll manage Columnist schedules, chair meetings and support the work of the committee. You’ll also send out our weekly newsletter and make sure our brilliant articles are shared online each week.

If you have a passion for publishing and the drive to make sure Retrospect Journal continues to grow as a society, this role could be for you!



The Secretary is vital for ensuring all communication between the society is overseen and documented. In this roll, you’ll be in charge of recording committee meeting minutes and corresponding with EUSA about any society functions. This roll is also a Deputy Editor, so you’ll put all those writing skills to use by helping publish articles and formatting our print journal!



The Treasurer deals with society funding, fundraising, and bank accounts. This roll is pivotal to ensuring the Retrospect can fund its print journals and support other ventures the society provides. You’ll submit funding applications and BACS requests, as well as keep a recording of accounts. Like the Secretary, this roll is also a Deputy Editor, so you’ll be working with the team to upload our articles to publishing!

Academic Liaison


If you’ve got a knack for attending office hours and know the wide range of academic staff at Edinburgh, this is the roll you’re looking for! As the Academic Liaison, you’ll be in charge of coordinating Retrospect with HCA and various University departments. This roll is crucial to ensuring Retrospect readership is expansive and that the needs of the Journal are well represented.

Events Officer


As Retrospect grows bigger each year, we’re looking to host events for the student community! The Events Officer plans and runs public events that aim to provide a great environment for university students while also representing academic interests. You’ll work with the Academic Liaison to contact speakers you’d like to invite and develop the format for the event, as well as regular social gatherings.

Social Media Officer


If you know your way around the various social media platforms, Retrospect is calling on you to run for our Social Media Officer. You’ll be in charge of managing our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as a means to distribute our articles virtually. If you’re looking to develop your graphic design skills or enhance the way our articles are published, be sure to give this a run!

Digital Editor


Know your HTML from your CSS? We’re looking for a Digital Editor to oversee the running and development of the Retrospect website! If you have some experience with WordPress or a similar web-hosting platform – or if you’re tech savvy and looking to improve your skills – this role could be for you. You’ll help update the website with the latest news and events, as well as working with the Committee to support our latest venture: launching the Retrospect shop!

Radio Operator


We interrupt our regularly scheduled committee line up to bring you the Radio Operator! We aim to host Retrospect Radio on FreshAir in the upcoming academic year. As the Operator, you’ll be in charge of coming up with the format for each show on our slot and interviewing various members of the Retrospect or guests on their historical research interests.


You MUST be a student at the University of Edinburgh for the 2023/24 session (either undergraduate or postgraduate) in order to stand in the elections.

You MUST be a member of Retrospect Journal in order to stand for an Executive Officer position and to vote in the election; however, we welcome non-members to apply for any of the Committee positions.

You are welcome to stand for more than one position but please state your order of preference in the case of a double election. Should only person stand in a role, you will be invited to assume that post on the approval of the present membership.

Voting will be conducted during the AGM on the 31st March and the 2023/24 office elected then. You will then assume your post at the end of June following the handover period.

If you’d like to stand for election, send an email to by the 30th March stating the position(s) you’re applying for. You’ll then have the opportunity to tell us why you’re standing and what you’d like to bring to the role during a short 2-3 minute speech at the AGM.

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